Monday, February 2, 2009

Latest BoM Data

Here is the latest BoM data on rainfall and temperature. Hot off the press.

I have included the average temperature anomaly for the last 12 months:
Max temp anomaly for the last month:
Percentage of average rainfall for the last 12 months:

and percentage of January average rainfall:

So, what does it all mean?
Well here in South East Oz it has been hot and dry... derr no doubting that. What the main concern is that this dryness has been combined with aboe average temperatures for a few years now. The result? From a wate rpoint of view it means much less water flowing into rivers and dams, more evaporation from the land and an increasing water deficiet across what is the foodbowl of Australia.
Ignoring if climate change is occuring, the continual reduction of water that is available to boththe environment and humans shows that alternative sources are required. It is no use having a dam if it is empty!
Hopefully some of the rain that has been falling in Northern Queesnland makes it's way south soon.


Anonymous said...

Through my AndrewBoltascope, the data conclusively proves there's no tend...and therefore, global warming doesn't exist.

dam buster said...

Ha - Yes RVB I see today he is claiming that the globe warming by less than it has in previous years "proves" it is not warming.

unique_stephen said...

looks like Melbourne has it's own little bit of western desert