Thursday, February 5, 2009

How is THAT for public opinion?

Facebook fury over Turnbull 'no' to cash splash
Larissa Ham
February 5, 2009 - 4:33PM

Australians planning to spend Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's promised $950 bonus on holidays, new drum kits, Wii games, tattoos and weekend-long benders have flooded into a new Facebook group.

The group 'Come on Turnbull, don't take away my $950 bucks!,' was formed after Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull signalled his intention to block the $42 billion economic stimulus package announced this week.

Mr Turnbull acknowledged the Coalition's stance wouldn't be popular but that it was "the right decision".

He said he was standing up for "fiscal discipline" and staggering levels of debt should not be imposed on future generations.

Almost 9000 people are now members of the Facebook group.

Creator Matt Dixon said the group had attracted more than 5000 members in its first 24 hours, and aimed to hit the 12,000 mark by 10pm tonight.

"Join this group in solidarity against a man who has probably got enough money to fund his own stimulus package," Mr Dixon says on the group's Facebook page.

More than 70 members on the site have shared how they would spend the one-off bonus, which if passed, would be available to millions of Australians including eligible families, single workers, students, drought-affected farmers and others earning $100,000 or less.

Low and middle-income families would also receive a $950 back-to-school bonus per child, and those outside the workforce who return to study would get a $950 training and learning bonus.
While many Facebook members have already allocated the cash to holidays, handbag shopping or rent, others said they would spend it to pay off their debts.

"I was planning to give it to my ex-husband, because I owe him money. I am sure he will stimulate the economy on my behalf," wrote Venie.

"Paying off some of the credit card bill, which has already stimulated the economy," wrote Karen.

Some said they would spend the $950 on furniture, gifts or household items, while Nathan, of Perth, is taking a different approach.

"$600 for marijuana...the rest will probably be turned into snacks," he wrote.

The economic stimulus package passed the House of Representatives this morning, but must still get through the Senate.

A Senate inquiry into the package will begin today and an upper house vote is not likely until next week.


Frisky Librarian said...

Take that! How dare he try to deny us our stimulation!!

dam buster said...

Certainly beats the stupid Herald-Sun of Sunrise polls!