Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The CV of Andrew Bolt

Today in Andrew Bolt's column he states:
I'm not an economist

Yep. Still that does not stop him going off on odd tangents trying to undermine Rudd and the labour government. But hey since he is stating what he isn't, what else should be added to the list?

I can think of a few including:
  • water engineer
  • transport planner
  • journalist
  • lawyer

got any others?


Frisky Librarian said...

He's...not on my list of columnists to read.

I like to avoid unnecessary agitation.

dam buster said...

I try not to read him anymore. i used to bait him on his website. Especially about things like dams and infrastructure (hence the dam buster).

I have been banned from there a few times and have had a couple of posts created about me on one of his mates blogs at the daily telegraph.

I only go there to:

a) raise my blood pressure; or
b) to see what b-s argument he has come up on water or climate change

Frisky Librarian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frisky Librarian said...

Bahaha! You're a serial pest!! (although you're not on AB's side, so that's a good thing).

Do these posts about you on his mate's blog still exist? Or are you not willing to divulge details?

You like having high blood pressure?

(Deleted the original due to embarrassing number of typos)

dam buster said...

The posts exist somewhere in tim blair's archives. I could not find the post quickly.

I do not like the high blood pressure so only rarely visit and don't bother reading comments anymore unless it is something specific.

I once accused Bolt of growing drugs and have criticised his version of 'journalism' on a number of occassions.

Typos? you sure?

Anonymous said...

I suspect he's hardly an expert in foreign politics. He truly is an idiot.

dam buster said...

RVB - I have seen him described as a 'professional idiot' which is probably more apt. He is very acute of what he is saying and uses the weasel ways of getting out of an opinion.. For example he will say "I'm not racist" and then go on a rant about aboriginals or the like.

Anonymous said...

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