Friday, November 5, 2010

Week Three - Some Sydney Observations

Back to Sydney again this week and I thought I would pass on some more observations. Now I know there will be some who do not agree with these. But hey you get the idea:

1. Not all Sydney Walkers are slow. But most of them are.

2. I have a pair of shoes that when scuffed on the footpath make the same sound as when the red man turns green at the pedestrian lights. I nearly sent a kid into the fron of a bus the other day because he was too busy texting to bother to look to see if the actual lights had changed. (insert evil laugh here)

3. I have to admit i like the way some pedestrian traffic light work to allow ease of traffic flow without hindering pedestrian movements.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why do they ask Gai Waterhouse?

Firstly I have won as many Melbourne Cups as Gai Waterhouse.

She has shit me for decades. She has done nothing in the Melbourne Spring Carnival. A few weeks ago one of her horses won a Caulfield Cup, her first one. Seriously she has no idea how to train horses for Melbourne. She should stick to the Autumn Carnival in Sydney.

When she wins a Melbourne Cup I might listen to her bullshit ramblings.

Post Race Update:

Gai continues her amazing streak. No doubt Channel 9 will be crossing to her for all the action. I do not know why. how did her big chance go:

Descarado did not finish.