Monday, August 31, 2009

Record Smashed

Great news from the world of computer gaming:

Aussie smashes arcade video game world record

August 31, 2009 .

IN A back room of his Braidwood cottage in the NSW Southern Tablelands Phil Day has just broken the world record on the 28-year-old classic arcade game and successor to Space Invaders, Galaga.

Passing the previous mark of 2.7 million set by an American, Andrew Laidlaw, in 2007, Mr Day's score of 3.44 million is the culmination of six months' training and practice.

There were few signs of celebration at 12.30am on Saturday when, after playing for two hours and five minutes, Mr Day finally passed the score.

"There was no one else around. I wanted to signify that I had reached the 2.7 million mark for the video recording of the attempt, but I couldn't get too excited and I was pretty exhausted," he said.

Galaga Tournament was released in 1981 by the Japanese game creator Namco as an update to 1979's Space Invaders. It quickly became one of the most popular games of the decade and appeared in arcades around the world.

I have to admit I used to play this game as a kid but was never as good at it as my older Brother who I reckon with some practise could have given the record a shake.

There used to be a version of this game at Tessie's milkbar along with other classics like 1942.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Confirming Thoughts

It appears today is the day to tie up some loose ends and to close up some things I reported on previously.

Commuters starting to cram Melbourne Trams

The Herald-Sun is reporting today about the increase in tram patronage and includes reference to Route 112:

Crowded trams also make it more difficult to validate tickets.

During the morning peak, commuters struggle to board trams on route 112 along Brunswick St and the 96 along Nicholson St.

Trams along St Kilda Rd and Collins St are frequently packed.

The 112 travels along Collins St and is often crowded. In 2008 it was announced that new tram services would be included on the route. Of course these trams consisted largely of the older single length trams that fill way too easily and slow down due to the time it takes for people to get on and off.

I just hope that the increased patronage results in some more funding and increased services as well as faster services.

Grade 3 was the best 3 years of his life

It has been a while since I have reviewed a bit of Andrew Bolt's work. So I was not suprised when I saw this today:

Crisis! Rain returns to normal

Again as per 3 years ago Bolt has used the national average rainfall as 'proof' that things are all normal and fine. Of course I looked at it before and the results are the same. Higher rainfall in the north of Australia and lower in the remainder.

SO here is his argument broken down:

Rainfall has decreased substantially since 1950 on the east coast, and in
Victoria. This decline is less marked if measured from 1900.

“Less marked” is another way of saying rainfall levels are around what Australians
lived with for decades, long before “global warming” got blamed for anything and
everything. Check the graphs yourself on the second link above. Or here:

After which he inserts the national average rainfall graph which shows not a lot of movement. This is reflected in the more interesting or relevant anomoly graphs:

Yes I know there are a few graphs but what they show is that Victoria especially has suffered from less than average rainfall for an extended period of time even though we are meant to have experienced the wetter La Nina conditions. Victorians have lived with similar levels of rainfall in the past, that is true. We have never lived with such an extent of below average conditions for so long.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority chief Rob Freeman was asked recently if this was an indication of a climate change.

The section of the above article quoted by Bolt is in bold.

Speaking at a water summit in Melbourne yesterday, Mr Freeman took aim at doomsday climate predictions that have followed the driest three-year period on record for the Murray-Darling Basin.

''Some commentators say this is the new future, I think that is an extreme position and probably a position that's not helpful to take,'' he said.

Mr Freeman acknowledged that average inflows to the river system might be lower than in the past, but he was adamant they would be higher than those measured since 2006.

''We are always going to have droughts and floods, but to suggest the future is this, I think is misrepresenting the situation … while it's nice to have a burning platform on which to implement reforms, we've also got to be very honest,'' he said.

Of course when you take out the other parts of the quote it is aparent that he has been taken out of context by Bolt. Freeman has implied that things will get better but may never get back to average. Isn't that what climate change is?

So getting back to the original post by Bolt, in one article he has succesfully:

  • mis-used the statistics;
  • fail to understand any of the implications; and
  • mis-quoted someone who has more knowledge than he.

Nice one Andrew, keep up the good work.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Training Days - Come for the Course, Stay for the Food - bonus Knacker Rating

First of all let me apologise for not posting over the last little while. Several reasons including being in an all day training session yesterday.

Having been on a few training sessions in the past in various forms I was astounded that yesterday we had it at the Langham Hotel. Lunch was in the Melba Restaurant. To give you an idea about what was on offer:

A unique interactive dining experience, diverse flavours from different cultures and a friendly, informal atmosphere are the shining stars of Melba restaurant.

Create your own entrée from an amazing variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients ranging from the sashimi and sushi selections to a mouth watering variety of gourmet cheeses. And at centre stage, a display of seafood and salad bar offerings will surprise and delight.

Then it’s time to browse the main attraction - Melba’s colourful open kitchens, where passionate chefs prepare the dish of your choice as you watch. With cooking stations offering Sushi, Asian stir fries and dumplings, Italian pastas, Indian dishes, tandoori oven specialities and a classic carvery, you can enjoy flavours from around the world.

Desserts are totally decadent. Choose from a tantalising array of miniature treats, ice-creams and a fountain of luscious warm chocolate to create your own dessert to die for.

Melba restaurant, at the Langham, Melbourne has panoramic views across the Yarra River to the city skyline. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed with an upbeat vibe. Melba is the perfect place to enjoy the pleasure of dining at your own pace with as many intervals as you please.

The afternoon session was very hard to get motivated for. Got to say 4.089 Knackers out of 5. It would have scored higher if I could have stayed longer to eat more. Safe to say I did not have any dinner last night.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Does he deserve to move up from Number 8?

As you may well know I have a certain cretin in at No. 8 on my list of Ten people I do not want to hear about again.

After the Stuff up last week does he deserve to move up a peg or two?


Oh Joy of Joys, he has been sacked from Idol Judging. Not that I watch the show anyway.

WTF 32 - $15.00 maybe

Warwick Capper forges new career as male escort

August 03, 2009 03:15pm

WARWICK Capper, former AFL show pony, is forging a new career as a $1500-a-night male escort. Quite what he's offering for the full amount is anyone's guess.

The flamboyant ex-Sydney Swans full forward says he’s now a gun for hire off the field, after finishing his days as a professional player in 1991.

He’s 46, but as a man who has posed for Australian Penthouse and produced his own x-rated porn video, the man once best known for the tightest shorts in footy, is not shrinking from the challenge.

Seriously? Would anyone hire him for the conversation? To do a presentation? Well I guess that only leaves one thing....

Idle Hands - Part 3

Now to the naked eye it is a bit hard to read what it says. Step closer, take a look. Ah now you get it?

This has not been installed yet. Locations are still being scouted.