Monday, May 25, 2009

TEN People I DO NOT Want To Hear About Anymore

I have had enough. These people or stories have had their 15 minutes of fame. Now go away, I do not want to hear about you anymore.
  1. Schappelle Corby - Why does a convicted drug courier still make front page news?
  2. Clare Werbeloff - Who signs up a Media Agent 5 minutes after being interviewed for the news? Amply aided by so called 'Journalists'
  3. Corey Worthington - All I can think of is the Cruel Sea: "Better Get a Lawyer Son"
  4. Madeleine McCann - As sad as the whole story is I am tired of seeing sketches of dodgy looking bogey men.
  5. Mercedes Corby - "Hello i'm Mr Ed". You and your family have lived off the publicity of your sister. Oh How wonderful your life is.
  6. Lara Bingle - You know my thoughts there.
  7. Roberta Williams - She is still trying to milk her husband's history.
  8. Kyle Sandilands - Like Sam Newman without the sporting ability.
  9. Gretel Killeen - Was Big Brother about the contestants or her? I am sure she knows which one she preferred. After this years Logies I think she will be dissappearing soon!
  10. ????? Hmm

So who should be number 10? Any suggestions?

UPDATE: 10. Annice Smoel - Can someone take her passport off her for gross stupidity?


Jayne said...

Oh I agree with every one of those slavering, avaricious, troglodyte media whores.

Could have slipped Sam Newman in there, just the mere fact that he breathes is enough of a scandal:P

The 12 yr old offspring calls them dickheads and dropkicks....wonder where he gets his attitude from...? :P

dam buster said...

Jayne - Sam Newman could of course go in there. Sadly he does not whore himself off for the media attention like the others.

Gee I wonder where the attitude comes from.... hmmm something about an apple falling not far from the tree should go in here.