Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WTF 26 - I wonder if there is any Shane Warne Porn in there?

Revealed: national stash of red-hot blue movies
Mex Cooper
May 5, 2009

It may not be hidden under a mattress but many Australian taxpayers would be unaware they are part-owners in a major stash of pornography.

The erotica collection held by the Government-funded National Film and Sound Archive includes 108 films ranging from soft to hard-core pornography, according to a media report.

Many of the works have been donated by pornography makers over decades with the Archive only paying for one of a list of works obtained under a freedom-of-information request.

Titles held by the archive include True Blue, Manly Beach, Down Under, Taken Down Under, Outback Stripper, Sydney Boys Go Off and Aussie Rules, according to the report.

Archive senior curator Graham Shirley reportedly defended the collection, which he said was a legitimate contribution to Australian cultural history.

It is believed the erotica collection includes films dating back 80 years, documentaries, silent films and some that would now be considered art movies as much as pornography.

The Archive has more than one million images and sound recordings in its collection
dating back to 1890.


Frisky Librarian said...

Well, it's ours, so let's see some. Film night at the National Film and Sound Archive anyone?

dam buster said...

FL - In the interests of national pride I presume??

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