Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Training Days - Come for the Course, Stay for the Food - bonus Knacker Rating

First of all let me apologise for not posting over the last little while. Several reasons including being in an all day training session yesterday.

Having been on a few training sessions in the past in various forms I was astounded that yesterday we had it at the Langham Hotel. Lunch was in the Melba Restaurant. To give you an idea about what was on offer:

A unique interactive dining experience, diverse flavours from different cultures and a friendly, informal atmosphere are the shining stars of Melba restaurant.

Create your own entrée from an amazing variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients ranging from the sashimi and sushi selections to a mouth watering variety of gourmet cheeses. And at centre stage, a display of seafood and salad bar offerings will surprise and delight.

Then it’s time to browse the main attraction - Melba’s colourful open kitchens, where passionate chefs prepare the dish of your choice as you watch. With cooking stations offering Sushi, Asian stir fries and dumplings, Italian pastas, Indian dishes, tandoori oven specialities and a classic carvery, you can enjoy flavours from around the world.

Desserts are totally decadent. Choose from a tantalising array of miniature treats, ice-creams and a fountain of luscious warm chocolate to create your own dessert to die for.

Melba restaurant, at the Langham, Melbourne has panoramic views across the Yarra River to the city skyline. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed with an upbeat vibe. Melba is the perfect place to enjoy the pleasure of dining at your own pace with as many intervals as you please.

The afternoon session was very hard to get motivated for. Got to say 4.089 Knackers out of 5. It would have scored higher if I could have stayed longer to eat more. Safe to say I did not have any dinner last night.


Jayne said...

I've recently heard about this place from someone else and they raved about the food, too.
Will have to drag my carcass over for a feast one day!

OT- seems I'm getting a few visitors from a blog we used to spar on....

dam buster said...

Jayne - It might be worth dragging the beast there for a lunch or dinner one day. Just don't plan anything other than a snooze afertwards.

OT - Yep, Grodscorp has closed so people are finding their way to new spots on the Intertubes. I have also got you linked on my blog page.

Jayne said...

LOL Love those kind of feeds, like Chrissy Day post-lunch lolling snooze ;)

Not Grodscorp, more the Nuts and Bolts ;)

dam buster said...

Jayne - Agree on the snoozing but we were in a training course!

Got you on the sources. Funny how people find you along the way.