Thursday, August 20, 2009

Confirming Thoughts

It appears today is the day to tie up some loose ends and to close up some things I reported on previously.

Commuters starting to cram Melbourne Trams

The Herald-Sun is reporting today about the increase in tram patronage and includes reference to Route 112:

Crowded trams also make it more difficult to validate tickets.

During the morning peak, commuters struggle to board trams on route 112 along Brunswick St and the 96 along Nicholson St.

Trams along St Kilda Rd and Collins St are frequently packed.

The 112 travels along Collins St and is often crowded. In 2008 it was announced that new tram services would be included on the route. Of course these trams consisted largely of the older single length trams that fill way too easily and slow down due to the time it takes for people to get on and off.

I just hope that the increased patronage results in some more funding and increased services as well as faster services.

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