Monday, August 31, 2009

Record Smashed

Great news from the world of computer gaming:

Aussie smashes arcade video game world record

August 31, 2009 .

IN A back room of his Braidwood cottage in the NSW Southern Tablelands Phil Day has just broken the world record on the 28-year-old classic arcade game and successor to Space Invaders, Galaga.

Passing the previous mark of 2.7 million set by an American, Andrew Laidlaw, in 2007, Mr Day's score of 3.44 million is the culmination of six months' training and practice.

There were few signs of celebration at 12.30am on Saturday when, after playing for two hours and five minutes, Mr Day finally passed the score.

"There was no one else around. I wanted to signify that I had reached the 2.7 million mark for the video recording of the attempt, but I couldn't get too excited and I was pretty exhausted," he said.

Galaga Tournament was released in 1981 by the Japanese game creator Namco as an update to 1979's Space Invaders. It quickly became one of the most popular games of the decade and appeared in arcades around the world.

I have to admit I used to play this game as a kid but was never as good at it as my older Brother who I reckon with some practise could have given the record a shake.

There used to be a version of this game at Tessie's milkbar along with other classics like 1942.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Never got into video games myself. I'm more of a pinball girl. That's more my style.

dam buster said...

Welcome back Mags - I am more of a pinball player myself too. Hook and Addams Family are my favourtie modern games.

Frisky Librarian said...

I'm more of a Scrabble girl (nerd alert).

Did you see the King of Kong? Different game obviously, but it's fantastic.

dam buster said...

Hey FL - Nothing wrong with Scrabble. I often find myself reading words and thinking "hmm that would get good points on a triple word square"

I was in scienceworks and they have picture of inventions. I was saddened to see a picture of my old Nintendo 64 on the wall!