Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bolt vs Bolt Pt II - The return of the Knob

I was going to put together a post outlining the low levels Andrew Bolt would go to try and create some bullshit columns in the Herlad Sun.

But alas Scott at Grodscorp has done a much better job of it. His post is also on Crikey.com


Anonymous said...

Whilst a casual observer might remark that us Grodssoldiers are being too pedantic etc, there's just too many nuggets of wingnut gold coming from Andrew is a Dolt.

dam buster said...

The series of posts that Scott used are not being pedantic at all.

All 3 column articles are insensitive and shallow from Bolt. He is certainly becoming a little more un-hinged in his articles since his feed of information from teh Liberals dried up.