Friday, March 13, 2009

WTF 18 - So Many Choices!!

Choices, choices.. The wonders of Newscorp. How can one keep up with such serious news reporting?

We had the horse who did not want to go the 'knackery':

Horse bites off Indonesian man's testicle, spits it out

then there is the girls having fun:

Nude teen girls in court over drunken skinny-dip

or the guy who had finally had enough:

Man places ad offering wife free to a good home

or the guy who couldnt get enough:

Sex-toy thief pleads guilty to breaking into adult shop,21985,25180963-662,00.html

or the woman who got waaay too much:

Power tool sex toy wounds woman,22606,25175522-5006301,00.html

and proof any publicity is good publicity:

Porn scandal for 'world's best job' finalist

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RVB said...

Wonderful news indeed.