Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WTF 16 - This is not meant to be a theme

Man dies in Viagra-fuelled orgy

March 05, 2009 01:30pm
A 28-year-old man has died after swallowing an entire bottle of Viagra to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two women.

The women had bet mechanic Sergey Tuganov $6,000 that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy them both non-stop for the half-day sex marathon.

But minutes after winning the wager, the randy 28-year-old dropped dead with a heart attack, revealed Moscow police.

One of the women, named only as Alina, said: “We called emergency services but it was too late, there was nothing they could do.”

Maybe Mr Tuganov should have stuck with doing what his surname sounds like....

In the subsequent comments section:

I wonder whether they'll be able to close the coffin!!!!Posted by: Smithy of
Brisbane 9:21pm March 09, 2009

about sums it up really.


Bron said...

There's a joke in there somewhere about a stiff corpse...

dam buster said...

Bron - Well he won't be able to roll over in his grave.