Monday, March 16, 2009

Bolt at it Again

So previously I reported how Andrew forgot to mention he stuffed up when he incorrectly commented on how the Australian Federal Government was increasing the number of skilled immigrants when the looming GFC was going to put pressure on jobs.

Today the shifting argument goes to:

The Rudd Government tactily - and belatedly - admits it made a mistake last year:
Immigration Minister Chris Evans will reveal the Government is to cut its permanent skilled migration program this financial year by 14 per cent to protect Australian jobs… The Government will reduce the planned record intake of 133,500 workers in 2008-09 to 115,000.
And joy of joy the lunatics see it as an opportunity to vent:
Nark Latham replied to barmy Mon 16 Mar 09 (01:04pm)
Gee Barmy,if they stopped all muslims where would the Sydney gangs get their replacement soldiers from? Anyway they are only cutting back on skilled migrant numbers,no-hopers and welfare bludgers will still be welcomed in unabated numbers.Don’t forget there’s a Federal Election due about November next year and Labor needs all the new voters it can get.
Honestly Bolt needs a new moderator to kick these idiots asses. The racism aside what I always find interesting with Andrew is how he creates a story out of effectively nothing. Through self linking in loops he creates bulk to a story to show how long he has been on about it and how correct he can be. Well that's what he thinks anyway.

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