Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WTF 14 - Finger Licking Wrong!

Police called to naked KFC workers who fell for prank call

STAFF at a KFC were hoaxed by a cruel prank caller who got them to spray themselves with a fire extinguisher, strip naked and go outside.

Two of the staff members had to be treated in hospital for the effects of the chemicals from the fire extinguisher.

Cook Mary McCarthy said store manager, Sonia Gilbert, of the KFC in Manchester, New Hampshire, US, received a phone from a man saying he was from the corporate office.

He told Ms Gilbert to test the fire suppression system.

She complied and Ms McCarthy said that resulted in the release of a chemical powder in the sandwich area where she and a third employee, Fay Owens, were working.

The caller then told the women to strip and go outside, because they had been contaminated.

Police then turned up at the restaurant.

Sergeant Todd Boucher said officers went to the restaurant in response to a call about a naked woman standing in a doorway.

He said the prank caller had told the employees to go outside and strip and urinate on one another, which is when they became suspicious.

The KFC workers were sent to a local hospital. District Fire Chief Michael Gamache said because the chemical powder is a respiratory irritant, employees needed to be checked and the restaurant needed to be cleaned and cleared to reopen by the City Health Department.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when safe access to fleshlights is restricted.

Jayne said...

And they work at KFC because....?

dam buster said...

They work at KFC because they were too smart for Maccas