Friday, March 13, 2009

WTF 17 - Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Horse bites off man's testicle

March 12, 2009 - 2:18PM
JAKARTA - An Indonesian villager had to be rushed to
hospital after a horse bit off one of his testicles during a freak

The 35-year-old man was unloading sand from a horse-drawn cart at a
construction site in Sulawesi earlier this week when the attack occurred,
Indonesia's state-run news agency Antara reported.

A witness said the animal suddenly lunged at the man, sinking its teeth into his crotch. Shocked bystanders loaded the man into a car to take him to hospital, before one noticed a piece of flesh on the pavement.

"Luckily the horse did not chew up or swallow his testicle, but spit it onto the pavement," the bystander was quoted as saying.

"So I picked it up and brought it to the doctor at the hospital where the victim was being treated."

It was not know whether doctors attempted to sew it back on.

The 70-year-old owner of the horse, Budi, said the animal was trained but sometimes turned wild, and had bitten in the past.

should the horse be taken to the knackery.. get it.. boom tish.


Frisky Librarian said...

Horses are evil, I tells ya. Evil.

And haw haw.

Frisky Librarian said...

Grr. This made me think about your "knackers rating" and Hitler only having one testicle and now I have that ditty "Hitler...he only had one ball" stuck in my head. Thank you very much.

dam buster said...

FL (1) - I agree. Never been a fan of horses other than at the spring carnival.

FL (2) - all part of a cunning plan! There are other shockers like that including the pop corn song and the mexican hat dance. i used to have the hat dance as a mobile phone ring and it would make the whole office whistle it for hours... now that is evil!

Frisky Librarian said...

And the Manamana song from The Muppet Show. Do do do do do. Although, my all time worst earworms have been Moving Right Along from The Muppet Movie and the Christmas carol Good King Wenceslais (sp?). They got stuck in my head for weeks and kept me awake at night. Gah!

Jayne said...

Was the horse named Nobby?
The old ad "Nibble Nobby's nuts" (to which we'd add "before Nobby nibbles yours").
*crickets chirping*
Yeah, yeah, I'm into recycling :P

dam buster said...

FL - Stop it you are hurting me with those!

Jayne - Maybe the builder will be known as nobby from now on!