Monday, March 1, 2010

Knackers Rating -

For a while now Google maps has had a strong lead in terms of aerial photograhy and maps that are used online to help find your way and to even allow you to see what a building looks like (so you know what to look for). Well there is something new on the web that may be of interest:

Although it does not have all of the features of Google maps it does have a few things that are an interesting feature.

Historical Photos. It can show aerial photos over time, not just whatever is most recent. Also the photos are very recent in most cases (January 2010).

Take the new rectangular stadium being constructed near the Yarra:

Oct 2009

Jan 2010

Aspect Views. Want to see what a building looks like from an angle rather than from directly above? Well it has that as well.

There are even historical aspect views so you can see how a building of construction has progressed.

Overall google maps is better for mapping but for interest in how things develop the nearmp site has some amazing features. Also the clarity of the maps in some locations is very impressive. Almost too impressive.

So check it out. In terms of a knackers rating:

no knackers - shockingly bad
one knacker - as bad as hitler because he only had on ball
two knackers - normal and average
three knackers - above and beyond the normal
four knackers - incredible
five knackers - as rare as five testicles

I give it 3.1764.


Jayne said...

The day they start photographing my Hills Hoist of washing is the day I start posting dirty washing to whoever owns the newest blimp.

dam buster said...

Well Jayne I did spot an Aunty hanging out the washing on one view.