Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cricket Season Is Over

And of course the No. 1 WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) Lara Bingle is in the news.

You know what I think of her.

So things have been quiet for Lara. Border medal is done and she was not eh main talking point. Not as much underwear advertising going on. Media profile dropping.

Then we had this on Feb 19:

Lara Bingle splits from her latest manager

Sources report that Bingle, who wants a bigger profile in fashion but has yet to find a partner, was guided by her stylist and close friend Christina Centenera when she decided to ditch the management team that previously brokered her lucrative contracts with Speedo, Vodafone and Synergy, said to be worth about $600,000 a year

Bingle is now in talks with Max Markson who represents the Chk-Chk Boom girl Clare Werbeloff and housetrasher Corey Worthington.

See a trend yet?

Then we had the fton page of the Herald Sun yesterday with:

Lara Bingle to sue Brendan Fevola over nude photo

Who is quoted in the article?????? You guessed it Max Markson.

But hang on a minute. Did Fevola publish the photo? nope. Woman's Day did so sue them.

And secondly Lara has gone topless before. Lara Bingle topless shots back on German internet site . That article was from 2008.

So seriously. We are going to have a court case over a single phone snap of her? Or is it as reported on the 19 Feb Lara wanting a bigger profile?

The photo has been around for ages. In fact as reported by Andrew Bolt the Herald Sun has had it for over 6 months. So why has it come out now? Also why is it that it came out only days after the cricket season had finished and not during?

My theory is that MM using his contacts has waited until the season was finished so not to distract Michael Clark and to do as intended, make Lara's profile bigger.

A smell a rat and he talks with a dodgy accent.


Margarita Milonguita said...

YAY! I've been waiting for you to post another 'Bingle Effect'blog and here it is!
Menacing little trollop that she is. Wish her and Clarko would just fuck off into obscurity where they belong.

dam buster said...

I just find the timing of it all to be too convenient. Woman's Day would have had the pic for months as per the other media outlets.

Why wouldn't they publish it during the cricket season to use the media coverage of the cricket to help push sales?

She has gone topless before so it just looks like B-S to me

Margarita Milonguita said...

It's always bullshit DB... people have been so dumbed down that Chile to them is something hot and spicy and stories of this calibre are important. So many people need to die...

dam buster said...

Spot on Mags.. There has been more media interest in the lack of a tsunami at Bondi than the fact that over 1 million buildings have been demolished.

Jayne said...

Seems there's more than 1 who graduated from the 'leaked email/photo/taped conversation' school of promotion than just Madden's spin doctor.