Wednesday, March 17, 2010

99 and Counting

The temperature in Melbourne today has already gone past 20 degrees. SO what?

Well that means that it is a run of 99 days in a row with the maximum temperature has been over 20 degrees Celcius. The previous record days in a row was 78.

Tuesday the 8th of December last year had a max temperature of 17.8 degrees. Since that date the daily recorded maximum temperature has been over 20.

I wonder if the newspapers will pick up on the 100 days in a row tomorrow if it reaches the forecast 28 degrees?


Margarita Milonguita said...

Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole
Feeling hot hot hot hot!!!
DB the statician!

dam buster said...

Oh yes Mags, I did quite well in high school and at University in Statistics.

I thought it was interesting that we have had such a long run of warm weather without those bitterly cold summer days. I was not going to mention anything on climate change because such a short timeframe is really just weather.

Oh and now I have that song stuck in my head!!!

Margarita Milonguita said...

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on...
It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes..
Muy muy muy caliente!!! Had to get some Spanish in there!

dam buster said...

Gee Mags, I did not know stats had this effect on you...


Jayne said...

Now I know who's been egging on the "more dams' group :P

A Council House Kid.... Grown Up said...


You are real lucky guys; really jealous of that weather you have over there.

Hope to visit down under one day.

Like your blog.


Anonymous said...
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dam buster said...

Jayne - Hey you know my view on that one! Funny how my friend Andrew has not commented on the dam for quite a while now.

SJD - Happy to have you aboard from abroad!

It certainly has been a long run of mild weather over summer here. It looks like it will continue too. Already 22 degrees at 8:30am in Melbourne.