Friday, February 26, 2010

They Live Amongst Us

Now please read the following story. Now before you get on your high horse about me having a go at illegal immigrants the title of this blog relates to the nut jobs who have commented on the story.

Illegal workers busted on fruit farm at Mooroopna, near Shepparton, and deported to Malaysia and Indonesia AAP From: AAP February 26, 2010 7:59AM

A GROUP of 76 illegal workers busted fruit picking in northern Victoria have been deported back to Malaysia and Indonesia after a mass immigration operation.
The 63 Malaysians and 13 Indonesians were flown home last night - the largest mass removal of illegal workers from Australia this decade, the government said.

They were nabbed during a raid on a caravan park last week in Mooroopna, just west of Shepparton, where they had been working illegally picking tomatoes and pears.

Eighty-five people were caught, with arrangements being made to deport the remaining nine workers - five Malaysians, three Koreans and a Nepalese person.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the 85 had entered Australia with valid visas before taking on the illegal work.

He praised the work of the immigration department.

"The fact that within the space of nine days these people have been located, detained and removed from Australia demonstrates the government's commitment to stamping out illegal work," Senator Evans said in a statement this morning.

He said employers faced fines of up to $13,200 and two years' imprisonment for hiring people with no work rights.

Companies can be docked $66,000 per illegal worker.

Now I do not condone the use of illegal workers to do jobs such as picking fruit but some jobs locals just do not want to do. But onto the real reason for the title "They Live Amongst Us". These are some of the comments so far:

Brian Wood of Sunbury Posted at 8:25 AM Today
cut the ability to work without a tax file number and big fines for hiring without one, and all illegals will be sorted fast, RUDD DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS?

Nice one Brian. Technically you are meant to provide a tax file number to get employed. It does not stop dodgy farmers trying to make a living by using Illegal workers. I am sure Kevin is reading the HUN and shaking in his slip ons.

harry of vic Posted at 8:28 AM Today
Now we have GOOD news. Keep it up. Sweep the country clean, rapidly, then progress to Christmas Island and do the same. Christmas Island holds opportunists NOT refugees! Cleanemout.

Torpedo Harry?

Neville of Bayside Posted at 8:32 AM Today
Well at least there are 78 new jobs created for lazy Australians on the dole who "can't find work". Must be plenty in the Shepparton area...

Nice keyboard work Nev. Why don't you head up the road from Bayside and have a look for yourself. Ever been to Shepparton?

Micko of Dandenong Posted at 8:32 AM Today
good ridance to bad rubbish

Micko or Sicko? Next you will complain about the price of your tins of fruit salad.

margaret webb Posted at 8:37 AM Today
are we making room for the illegal imigrants in detention.if they want to work..

No Margy, can I call you Margy? Those bloody queue jumpers won't work at all. Next thing you know they will move in next door to you and start staring at your dog.

thomas of Bundoora Posted at 8:39 AM Today
So the moral to this story is if you want to stay in Australia and not sent back where you came from then don't get a valid visa and certainly don't even consider doing a hard days work. Hopefully these people will be advised by the bloodsucking civil rights lawyers that seem to have set up regional offices in Indonesia and Christmas Island that the way to do it is to destroy all documents and start making demands from the Australian government!!

thomas (with a little t) please take your medication and watch the telly-tubbies for a while to calm down.

Pete of Melbourne Posted at 8:44 AM Today
This happens all the time, no wonder unemployment is so high. These people will work for less than minimum wage and the businesses that allow this are making heaps of money.

Pete. WTF are you on man? Unemployment high? where?

the Truth of Melbourne Posted at 8:52 AM Today
The government shouldn't pat itself on the back - they should be embarrassed that so any people managed to get in start working n the first place

Nice one Truth. (Please turn to Page 3 for our Norks out special on the way to the formguide). You say "get in". Didn't you read the article fool? They entered with valid visas.

Bill of Blackburn South Posted at 8:59 AM Today
Who is going to pick the grapes now?

Grapes Bill? Again you show your knowledge of grapes either through an anal affliction or drinking too much. They were picking tomatoes and pears. Muppet

So friends they are out there. And they have access to the interwebs.


Jayne said...

Now you've made me want to lock the internets to keep out the scary people like I'd lock my front door....
This is what happens when they close down institutions like Larundel...and there's no more room in Parliament!

Anonymous said...

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