Friday, November 14, 2008

Popping the Cherry

OK. Thought it would be time that I finally got my arse into gear and made my own blog.

Why the blog name "Up Here in Cazaly"?

Well that is the name of the ward that I happily reside in within the City of Darebin. And since the letter box has been stuffed with propaganda from 432 labour (or is it labor?) potentials the name stuck.

Q: So what to expect from this site?

A: Farked if I know just yet.

Q: What will you blog about?

A: Based on what I see on other sites more than likely it will be on things that shit me! As well as other stuff no doubt.

Q: How often will you blog?

A: Not as often as I should or much more often than I should.

Anyway enough for now. On with the show.

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