Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bolt vs BLAIR

In the normal run of the day in conservative blog world Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt agree on just about everything.

Not today. Who are we to believe?

Andrew who stated on Friday that:

Victorians clearly want more water, or such garden-killing restrictions wouldn’t be needed. Victoria clearly has that extra water - now flowing down rivers like the Mitchell. Rather than licence the Government to decide even whether watering your azaleas is “reasonable”, why not simply demand the Government build the new dam we clearly need?

Who is in charge here? The Government or its citizens?

Tim links to the Age’s Kenneth Davidson with the quote of:

Even without rain and the 150GL at the bottom of the dams which is sludge and can’t be used, there is still enough water to get Melbourne through to June 2010 at current consumption rates. With any inflow at all, this limit extends. Even if the inflow was reduced by 30% — the worst possible climate change scenario — Melbourne wouldn’t run out of water until 2015.

There isn’t a water problem — only the perception of a water problem …

To counter the argument by Tim Flannery from 2005 that:

Melbourne’s also vulnerable to water deficits. It’s a large city, it’s in an area of quite dramatic climate change, and therefore will be vulnerable as well.

So who is correct? Andrew Bolt who states we need to build a dam as soon as possible because we are running out of water? Or Tim Blair who thinks there is enough water and that Tim Flannery is a fool because he states that Melbourne could run out of water (this is presumed because Tim doesn’t really state much at all)?Of course who can forget the dishonest cherry picking of reports to make up an attack on Tim Flannery on the issue.It just shows how far these two buffoons will go to push their ideologies and hatred of certain people.


Jayne said...

I'd believe none of the Kings of Spin.
I am in favour of a dam on the Mitchell only because of the wasted flood waters that have gone out to sea (after ruining towns) in recent years.
Having said that, however, I'd far rather see the huge amount of storm water recycled and more recycled water offered to all areas - urban and rural - ahead of the desal plant and that damn pipeline.

dam buster said...

Jayne - Davidson had a more recent column in the Age where he talked about the potential for recyling especially form the Carrum plant.

This was always my favourite idea as Melbourne Water is spending over $500m to upgrade the plant so that the water is clean enough to pump out to sea!

Stormwater recycling is another idea i have always liked. keep it local or base it on regional recycling schemes on new subdivisions. Aurora comes to mind as one of those ideas.

Jayne said...

Was interesting to catch part of a news item the other night (think it was Ch 7) how several Werribee housing estates are still waiting for their promised recycled water 2 or 3 years later but City West says it will be another 4 years, at least, before they have the water (and technology) to pump through the purple pipes!
Makes this statement on their site a bit of a stretch!

Tobias Ziegler said...

With Bolt and Blair, it doesn't matter who is right; it only matters that someone of teh Left or teh Green is wrong.

dam buster said...

Jayne - The reason for the delay is due to the drought of all things. Several reasons including CWW selling less water means they have less income to invest. Second issue is that due to everyone saving water and having grey water schemes there is a lot less inflow into the treatment plants resulting in much higher salt content. Salt is the hardest to remove.

TZ - correct. I found it interesting that they can effectivley oppose each other in argument in pursuit of their own idealogies.

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