Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Local Elections - Cazaly Style

Ok, I know, I know. I live in what has to be one of the safest Labor seats in State and Federal Politics. In State elections there needs to be a swing of over 25% in 2010.

So is it any suprise that 9 out of the 16 candidates up for election in the Cazaly Ward of the City of Darebin are ALP members.

What gets me annoyed is that so many of the council members do not stand up for the local community strong enough to lobby the state and federal members to get funding to the community. More often than not they are aligned so closely with the State branch they never want to rock the boat. Our most recent past mayor, Marlene Kairouz, walked straight into the seat of Kororoit as a reward, even though she did not know the issues in the seat.

Well why would the State or Federal Government (either Labor or Liberal) put funding into a seat that they know be Labor for a long time?

So what does this mean? Well the good people of Northern Melbourne miss out on funding on transport services (I will post about the joys of the 112 tram route and Epping rail line one day) and funding for other community grants.


Jayne said...

About time you had your own blog ;)

dam buster said...

Thanks Jayne. I agree it was long over due