Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bolt vs Bolt

Andy states here that global warming is not happening.

Andy states here that global warming is happening.

end post.


I posted this on the first linked thread:

So Andrew, Are you admitting that warming is occuring then?

and this is the reply:

Read very slowly what I’ve written many times before, so that this time, perhaps, you may at last comprehend.

The world seems to have warmed until a decade ago. It seems not clear at all that this was caused predominantly by humans, especially since the world then stopped warming. But that warming we had didn’t seem to hurt, and the evidence is that future warming may also not hurt.

Certainly, the evidence seems to be that trying to “stop” warming may hurt us
more than would simply coping with the consequences.

Other readers might now advise me whether I’m made this so clear that even Dam Buster has no excuse now for misunderstanding or misrepresenting.

Andrew you fool. Last week you attacked a local council for a spelling mistake. Yet you should have stated "I've" instead of "I'm" in your reply. But hey you are the journalist, sorry I mean the social commentator.

While I am at it the article you linked had a spelling mistake in the first sentence. Have you notified them Bolt?

Also the article itself contradicts Bolt by stating warming will continue and will result in more droughts even for Canada.

update 2

I replied to Andrew in his column asking the above questions and suprise, suprise:

Hey Andrew, / were banned ages ago. Go away. Bolt


Jayne said...

You're making my head hurt...make the bad man go away :P

dam buster said...

Jayne - Sorry about that. 'dam buster' was born from reading the bull dust Bolt puts in the paper.

I have been baiting and demolishing his arguments for years now.

Jayne said...

Yes, you and I traded a few 'debates' on his blog a year or so ago LOL.
I rarely visit the Redneck Right Residence these days...takes too much water to wash away the stink ;)

dam buster said...

Jayne - Ah Ok cool. I have traded 'debates' with a number of people in there. I apologise for not recognising you.

I only look at it as little as i possibly can. I have to admit some things Andrew debates quite well. Then he loses cred by putting up thinly veiled attack pieces.

As for washing away the stink.. I agree.

Jayne said...

Not so much Bolt himself but some (ok, a LOT) of the savage, rabid commenters prove that science is wrong and that people can survive without a functioning brain.
Many are there just for causing trouble not to debate anything sensibly.

dam buster said...

Yep. no arguments here. I still remember years ago when people would post in brain teasers the inane Mr Logic could not get the answer. Of course I did and sent it in and he lost it.

Jayne said...

LOL Gawd I'd forgotten about Mr Logic!

dam buster said...

I won't go into the details of the tools in the Boltworld. I think they are self evident.