Friday, April 23, 2010

Some days you are the Statue, some days you are the Pigeon

Karma is a bitch. But sometimes that bitch can take a step back and let this little freckled duck have a win for a change.

The other day I was parking the rust heap at work when I thought I saw something in the gutter.

Was it rubbish? no
Was it a discarded porn mag that the truck drivers in the area are fond of? no
Was it a Melbourne Storm membership card? no

It was:

Huzzah! The Milky bars are on Me!!

I only hope the note fell from the pocket of some dodgy melbourne Storm Official.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Bugger the milky bars- get me a pint of Bulmers!!!
With ice,please...

dam buster said...

Well I didn't go to the pub on Friday lunch so could not get a jug to share the love. Maybe next time I go I will for the boys.

I will not the drink preference Mags!

Ro said...

Guess who shouted himself extra anchovies on his Friday night pizza ?! :P

dam buster said...

Hairy Salty fish.. hmmmm only in small doses thanks Ro. More into extra cheese and salami!