Monday, April 12, 2010

Knackers Rating - Abbotsford Pub Crawl

On the weekend I was lucky enough to venture out with a fine group of (cough) gentlemen for a nice afternoon of conversation and beer (not necessarily in that order).

After meeting at Victoria Park on a Joffa spotting expidition, which sadly we failed in finding the man, the group hit the side walks and visited a few local historically significant establishments.

Along the way we pubs including :

The Yarra Hotel

The Retreat

The Park

For those interested the Retreat is the location of many scenes from the television series "The Sullivans" and it still is largely the same as then in an original condition. It is what pubs used to be really like with small nooks and crannies including one area called "the Snug".

I highly recommend a walk along Nicholson Street in Abbotsford to visit these pubs to see the difference and to experience the history of inner suburban Melbourne as it was.

SO what's the rating?

no knackers - shockingly bad
one knacker - as bad as hitler because he only had on ball
two knackers - normal and average
three knackers - above and beyond the normal
four knackers - incredible
five knackers - as rare as five testicles

Today I am giving Abbotsford Pubs a rating of 3.685 knackers.

So if you have been there and want to complain leave a comment.


Jayne said...

Great post, thanks, I'll venture over and have a gander with Feral Beast offspring educate the child, of course!

Margarita Milonguita said...

Nice one Deebs... I am still a huge fan of the All Nations in West Richmond if you wish to wander a bit further...

dam buster said...

Jayne - It is worth it on one of your walks to rest the feet for a while in the retreat and watch the world go by.

Mags - I will suggest a Richmond Walk next time as there are a few others that way I would like to visit or to visit again.

Margarita Milonguita said...

Let me know and I'll tell you the ones to avoid..
My friend Bob and I organised a pub crawl back in 2001 of Richmond and it was a cracker. We got about 30 people to it. I should go through my stuff to see if we still have the invite and map.

Very ill the next day indeed.

dam buster said...

I ran a few when in Uni through Carlton in the early 90's. On one I got over 100 people there.