Monday, April 12, 2010

123 in a row

Farewell to balmy days

April 12, 2010
.VICTORIA'S balmy spell ended yesterday with the maximum temperature slipping below 20 degrees for the first time since December 8.

The temperature peaked at 17.7 degrees in Melbourne in the mid-afternoon with strong winds buffeting St Kilda about 10.30am.

Bureau of Meteorology duty officer Geoff Feren said the city had not had any cold air incursions for a long time and it was a cool day across the state with snow in the high country.

''We scored 123 days yesterday [Saturday] and we have to go back to December 8 for a temperature that went below 20 degrees,'' Mr Feren said. The previous record was 78 consecutive days above 20.

Melbourne can expect a partly cloudy day with isolated showers and winds averaging 35 km/h with a minimum of 12 degrees and maximum of 20.

I have already had it mentioned to me 5 times this morning that it is cold.. Derr.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Cold AT LAST!!! I LOVE Winter!!!!
I have a closet full of coats waiting to be loved.

dam buster said...

I read your post Mags. Looks like those jackets may get some wear time over the next few days.

Amazing run of weather to get 123 in a row.