Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bingle Effect Cannot Be Stopped

Now you know the theory by now. Basically Lara Bingle has an effect on things. Her latest influence has somehow impacted on her manager Max Markson.

So over the last day or so it has come to light that Max has been dodging some speeding fines. Now it may be a little coincidence that ACA and Newscorp has got stuck into Markson because of his own high profile. But, could it be due to the corporations wanting more on the whole bingle saga and he not releasing enough?

Markson worker accuses boss of deceit over fines
April 1, 2010

A FURIOUS staff member emailed the celebrity agent Max Markson on January 25 and complained that her job had ''many grey areas''. These involved not paying his speeding fines, instead waiting for a penalty to arrive for failing to nominate the driver of his company-registered BMW.

She added: ''Both you and I clearly know that you are the driver of the vehicle''.

''As you are aware,'' she said, ''this can have very serious legal ramifications for both you and me especially with the RTA cracking down on certain 'practices'. I have been doing what I have been directed by you.''

This explosive email lays bare a long-term practice at the Markson Sparks! agency, revealed by the Herald yesterday. The company spent at least $35,000 on speeding-related penalties over the past 20 months, during which speed cameras caught the BMW at least 20 times.

I guess time will tell.

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