Thursday, April 2, 2009

WTF 20 - Nothing to do with Newspapers

So I was driving along Moreland Road this morning on the way to work and I spot a guy walking along the footpath smoking a cigarette.

Nothing too strange I hear you say. Nope not at all except he was wearing a hospital surgical gown, and nothing else!


He was well over a kilometres from the nearest known medical institution so I am buggered if I know what he was up to!

I hope he enjoyed his smoke!


Jayne said...

Any possible small day surgery or private psych facilities in the area?
Nursing home escapee, perhaps?
Call police in those circumstances, they usually get the 'fun' jobs ;)

dam buster said...

I was too suprised to even think about calling the cops. he looked like he had his faculties about him. No tree talking or yelling, just strolling along the footpath letting it all hang out.

Jayne said...

Re: front page of The Hun today - this is why I suggested you call the police when eyeballing odd bods ;)

dam buster said...

Hmm what was on the front page on the 4th Jayne? The Hewitt's? Paul Hogan? A collingwood football Player?