Thursday, April 9, 2009

Connex Customer Feedback

Police investigate Flinders St bashing video

Geraldine Mitchell
April 08, 2009 06:57pm

A SHOCKING video of a commuter being allegedly bashed by a train driver at Flinders St Station is being investigated by police.The footage was taken on a mobile phone by 13-year-old Mitchell Smith as horrified passengers looked on. The man allegedly attempted to board a Craigieburn train about 3.30pm on Tuesday before getting into an argument with the driver.

The driver then allegedly left his cabin and followed the passenger to the platform where he repeatedly punched the man violently on the ground.

"He was just continuously hitting him,'' he said. His mother, Maree, was also horrified. "I couldn't believe the arm action of the man continuously just belting him,'' she said.

Connex has stood down the driver while the incident is investigated and has handed over CCTV footage to Victoria Police. Connex managing director Alan Chaplin said the serious nature of the matter led to the decision to immediately suspend the driver from duty.

"There will be a full investigation by us and the police,'' he said.

"We will await the results of our investigation before deciding what further action should be taken, but I can assure our customers incidents like this are extremely rare.'' Mr Chaplin said Connex would also consider other measures it could introduce to reduce the chance of any such incident happening again.

A spokesman for Acting Public Transport Minister Tim Pallas did not comment on the incident only confirming that a thorough investigation was underway.

Nothing like a bit of customer feedback.


Jayne said...

When Train Drivers Hit Back (rated R)
coming to a station near you!

dam buster said...

I reckon. What next? When Tram Drivers Attack?