Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mt Stanley - Barwidgee Bushfire Part 2

This is the map of the area directly around Uncle's Farm:

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The farm house and sheds are on the right of the 'C527' tag located closest to the Myrtleford-Stanley Road.

The initial fire front came from the north west (top left of map) from the pine plantations and Mt Stanley. It moved across the bushland area on the bottom left of the map. This was when the wind changed and it travelled across the open paddocks towards the farm house in a North Easterly direction (from bottom left to top right) straight over the farm house and then continued over the hill.

Houses on the western side of the Barwidgee Creek were destroyed and in some odd coincidence cubby houses were spared. 3 houses burnt, with shed etc gone and all that is left in some instances is the cubby house.

The following picture is from the farm gate on the C527 looking north across Barwidgee Creek towards where a house used to be. You will note the white things are plastic hot houses that were not damaged. Go figure.

Looking towards Mt Stanley where the fire came from.

A view of Stanley Creek after the fire showing some re-growth but nothing left on the ground. Normally you cannot see the Creek from the road.


Jayne said...

There's no rhyme nor reason to the destruction, bloody scary and savage.
How deep into the soil have the nutrients been destroyed?
Another PITA for the recovery, just hope the damn weeds don't take hold and carpet the ground before native grasses can get a look-in near the creek.

dam buster said...

Jayne I would not know the depth of nutrient stripping. It looks pretty rough in a few spots and now the bigges issue is going to be erosion and tpo soil stripping due to rainfall.

I agree on the grasses thing. there are a few spots where grass was visible but I could not tell you if it was native or not.

Jayne said...

Is there a Landcare group in the area or have any of the Landcare/environment groups been in contact re: revegetation action plans as yet?
You'd think with all the things that are happening they'd grab this chance to plant out the ground covers.

Here's another blog Flowerdale - Survivor Spirit about the rebuilding from the fires.

dam buster said...


I am sure the Landcare groups in the area will be busily sorting themselves out to get some serious planting done over winter to try and get on top of thnigs for spring.

Thanks for the link.