Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bushfire Visit Barwidgee Creek Mt Stanley - Some photos

As some of you know my Uncle was caught in the middle of the Black Saturday fires. He and my Aunty were very lucky not to be hurt and their farm house was saved even though there was extensive damage to the farm. Below are some photos from a visit over easter to give an idea of what happaned.

A photo from behind their farm house in Barwidgee looking south west. the tree line is over 500m away and was the direction the fireball came from. It moved that fast they only had time to make it to the back porch. The hill is normally covered in trees but it is now bare as most trees were turned to ash.

What is left of the tractor. Note the non existent tyres except for the radial wires.

Looking East from above the farm house. None of the trees in this area have come back to life.

A little up the Mt Stanley Road, about 4km from the Yackandandah Rd turn off. Note the closeness of the trees to the road. There were a few accidents on this road as locals fleed the inferno chasing them down the hill.

If you want to know more or see more pics I can do a subsequent post with maps.


Frisky Librarian said...

Man, those trees are close!

Do you think the other trees will come back to life eventually or are they beyond that point?

dam buster said...

Yep they are pretty close. further up the road where it turns gravel they get even closer. i used to travel up and down that road to an apple orchard on one of my many summer jobs.

dam buster said...

oh and regarding the trees. If they have not shot new leaves yet then it is likely that they are gone. In some areas there aren't even dead trees left as they have turned to ash.

Jayne said...

Damn glad to see your aunt and uncle weren't hurt and their home wasn't damaged.

Yes, please, more photos and maps.
I used to go there often with my ex hubby years ago (he travelled all over Vic) would love to be able to compare then and now!

dam buster said...

Jayne - see the updated post with a map and some more pics.