Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knackers Rating - For the Love of Pizza

Thanks to the people at Google for the map and street view.

In an attempt to convey my love of various things in the North of the City I will be giving the Knackers Rating based on:

no knackers - shockingly bad
one knacker - as bad as hitler because he only had on ball
two knackers - normal and average
three knackers - above and beyond the normal
four knackers - incredible
five knackers - as rare as five testicles

So to kick things off I thought I would start with my now favourite Pizza shop - For the Love of Pizza at 487 High Street in Northcote. It is north of Seperation Street near Gladstone Avenue.

This place honestly gets the five knackers treatment.

Friends of mine put me onto it a while ago and I am addicted.

Yes I know I am starting off on a high note but hey this place is really worth it. I have had pizza's from other places that have often been in the top ten pizza places in Melbourne. Establishments like I Carusi in East Brunswick come to mind.

I am constantly amazed at how good the Pizzas are at this place. Top quality ingredients, an awesome crust recipe and consistent cooking. I have been dissapointed yet.

Now, I wouldnt really bother eating in as there is only 4 tables in the place but, it is worthwhile sitting and chilling to the great music selection they normally have going while the food cooks.


Anonymous said...

I go passed that area regularly I haven't noticed any pizza joints there...I've always thought that part of High Street as the run-down part...

dam buster said...

Well RVB - I suggest you stop and check it out. Have a look on Google street view. It is across the road from the gym at the Dennis Street lights.

Just north of the construction site that was the Bingo Hall.

Frisky Librarian said...

Perfect - you can get a pizza on the way home from the gym!

It's on the (ahem) other side of the river to me, but should I find myself venturing over that way, I'll keep it in mind.

Love the knackers rating scale. Thumbs? Pfffft.

dam buster said...

Hey Frisky, welcome.

The rating system comes from some friends nicnames.. a loooong story.

I find the whole gym thing interesting as a few friends go to said gym and when the windows are open (like they usually are) the smell is pretty hard to put up with while doing the workout.

reubenvb said...

Now that I think about it, I do recall a pizza joint there...your initial description of its location was confusing; I thought you meant the area near that run down aquarium.

dam buster said...

OK Reuben,
I have now included a picture of the front and a map. Hope that clears it up.

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