Friday, January 23, 2009

Connex Customer Feedback?

Ticket machine explodes at Rushall station, delays trains

BOMB squad police are investigating after a ticket machine exploded at Rushall station early this morning.

The explosion, which police said was an act of vandalism, caused tens of thousands dollars' damage and delayed trains on the Epping line for 90 minutes.

The steel frame of the ticket machine remained intact, but the internal workings were destroyed, as was a card reader.

"The ticket machine itself is still intact. They have created a hole or cavity at the top where they have entered something in it, causing the explosion or fire," acting Sgt Matt Bell said.

They said Rushall station would be closed until at least 10am while the bomb squad checked the area for explosives.

A local resident called police about the explosion, telling them her windows had shaken with the force of the blast.

"We got a call for several explosions around 3.30," acting Sgt Bell said.

"She lived 200 metres away from the train station so we were extremely concerned as to whether it was actually a bomb."

Dozens of early-morning commuters had to find other ways to get to work because of the explosion.

Michael Moo, 63, of North Fitzroy, was shocked after finding out what had happened.
"Jesus, I won't be able to get to work today," Mr Moo said. "Sounds like some crazy silly kids."

Lucky I caught the tram this morning.


Anonymous said...

I think all stations should be staffed...incidents like this would be reduced in their frequency at least.

dam buster said...

3:30 or so in the morning.. i doubt anyone would even be at the manned stations. At least in the 'premium' stations they have the machines behind grills because they can unlock them at the start of the day.

I find it interesting they are call 'premium' when 20 years ago it was normal.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hehe. Michael Moo.

Because I walk to work and use trams far more than trains, I confess to not paying much attention to what's happening with the trains. Very self-absorbed, I know.

dam buster said...

Frisky - Oh the train network is all good news these days!
I do have to admit i use the trams more myself as well.

Mr Michael Moo.. Do you think the journo asked to see some ID in case the guy was pulling his leg?