Friday, July 9, 2010

WTF 34 - Speeding Lesbian Pensioner???

Seriously there are so many odd things about this story. Not the least Mildura for the weekend? And how does a Holden vectra do 164km/hr?

Elderly woman clocked at 164km/h says she was visiting young lover

A GRANNY hoon driver has vowed to keep getting behind the wheel - even if
her licence is revoked.

But police, who intercepted 81-year-old Judith Slade driving at 164km/h on Monday afternoon, will apply to have her grounded permanently.

Mrs Slade was pursued by Leading Sen-Constable Nik Probyn for four kilometres, with the lights on his police car blinking and sirens blaring, along the Murray Valley Hwy at Lake Boga until she pulled over.

Because of her age and her driving, police now want to see her licence cancelled.

But Mrs Slade said she had no choice but to continue driving because she would not be separated from her secret lover, with whom she spent the weekend in Mildura. Both were returning from Mildura in separate cars when Mrs Slade was pulled up.

"What difference would it make if they took my licence from me?" she said.

"I'll just buy more cars and they can take them away, too. I could buy another one now just to fight this and cruise past the police station, and say, 'Here I am'."

Mrs Slade admitted she knew she was speeding but blamed her Jack Russell, Aca.

"My friend, she was ahead, and I overtook her," she said.

"Aca then jumped on my leg and wanted to sit there, pushing down hard.

"I had to drag him off . . . and throw him on to the back seat.

"I realised I was going fast.

"I was passing another vehicle. What was I supposed to do?"

Mrs Slade had another explanation for continuing to drive as the unmarked police car pursued her Holden Vectra.

"I thought the police car, with its lights, was a wide-loader," she said. "Then I heard the siren and thought, 'Oh, it's a police car'. I thought they were blue and white."

Yesterday, with her car impounded for four days, and expecting hundreds of dollars in fines, Mrs Slade said she was being punished enough.

She said she could no longer afford a cruise to New Zealand with her friend.

"What I'm losing now, this is a lot," she said.

"My friend, she has been punished and so have I.

"Isn't that enough to make me feel sorry for what I did?

"I won't speed again, that's for sure.

"If they get nasty, I'll just think, what the hell does it matter -- I'll drive after dark."

For at least the past year, there has been a condition on her licence banning her from driving more than 30km from Heathcote.

Mrs Slade said nothing would stop her seeing her lover, who she said was almost half her age.

She is expected to be charged on summons with exceeding the speed limit, driving at a dangerous speed and failing to obey her licence conditions.

Sweet Jeebus I am glad I no longer live up that way. The roads near Lake Boga will be safer for it.


Jayne said...

I is a'scared.
The other chick needs glasses, too.

dam buster said...

It's all Aka's fault you know. He comes from up Mildura way... oh wait not THAT Aka.

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