Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naughton's to be Nought?

I read today on The Age website that Naughton's will be closing this Friday:

Last drinks called at Naughton's
July 28, 2010

A PART of Melbourne dies on Friday - the Naughton's Hotel in Parkville is calling last drinks.

A mainstay to university students, political apparatchiks and Carlton footy teams, Naughton's - built in 1873 - was more than a pub, it was a part of Melbourne's fabric.

Now Melbourne's booming real estate sector may be the reason behind the hotel's demise.

Gee whiz. Who would have thought? Now I was not a frequent customer of Naughton's although i did once win 50 free pots on Grand Final day. Ohh what a day.

It was not my favourite pub in the Carlton area. Not by a long shot. I was more a Clyde man. When I was at Uni I felt that Naughton's was full of gits from the College's from that side of the Uni.

There goes another pub off the pub crawl list i used to run.

Of the 14 on the list in 1993, almost all have changed hands and been renovated.

Here are some that come to mind have closed:

Station hotel Fitzroy;
Joker Bar/ Albion Hotel Carlton;
Hotel Canada Carlton;
Naughton's hotel Carlton;
Lemon Tree Carlton; and
Daicos Pub that later become known for where Benny V got shot in the gangland war.

here is a list from the time.

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