Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Magic Dam Returns

Not sure if you noticed but September had above average rainfall. It is only the 3rd above average month of rainfall in Melbourne over the last 3 years. I hope we get a lot more.

But in my view more importantly we have not had above average annual rainfall in Melbourne for 12 years:

So what happens when there is a bit of rain around.....

Yes you guessed it. Bolt uses his tried (or is that tired?) argument regarding the construction of a dam to capture water in lieu of any other options. It is a simple argument he uses, if it rains build a dam to get that water, if it doesnt we should be building one in case it does.

Ted Baillieu (you know the state oppostion leader) is in on the news today and is trying to make some mileage out of the situation. Remember Ted? thats right he is the guy who suggested we should build a dam on the Marybinong River in 2006.

Now I have done many posts about Bolt's incorrect use of estimates on the Mitchell River and I have posted here and on other blogs about his wrong use of statistics and the out dated cost estimates. There is no need to go over old ground there again. What I wanted to comment on was the common use of the Magic Dam by those opposed to anything being done.

So what is the Magic Dam?

As stated earlier the magic dam is used mainly by those in oppositon to claim any current government policy is wrong. The weather climate in Victoria and especially the rainfall is becoming more variable and as a result the run off into rivers is not as consistent. So those in opposition have to rely on the Magic Dam to chase any flood flows wherever they may occur.

Where has the Magic Dam been proposed?

In today's column by Andrew Bolt he rattles off the following rivers:
  • Yarra
  • Upper Yarra
  • Macalister
  • Mitchell

as locations where the Magic Dam could be built.

Funny. So based on Bolt logic (please do not try this at home!) we should build a handful of new dams in any number of different locations depending on what the forecast says, a few pumpstations some pipes and then rely on rainfall that has been below average for the last 12 years.

Sounds to me like Andrew has been eating too much of the magic pudding to me.


Jayne said...

Oh, hell, let's go for broke and build us a NEW river!
Patterson River is man-made, let's go gang-busters and throw a dart at the map and build us a river wherever we want and see where it takes us :P

Anonymous said...

Damn, Dam you are one stupid fucker.

If it's raining what does have to do with capacity and potential draw downs?


You are the picture child why some people think there ought to be IQ rests before one is allowed to vote.

dam buster said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your inciteful comment. How about you put a name to abuse next time?

I do no tolerate abusive comments to myself or other commentators. I have until now lived with no comment moderation. this may change.

What my point on the article is about if you read it is that Bolt and others are quite happy to suggest a new dam or pump stattion but based their argument on where it is raining on the day. In a few weeks it will be in the Otways or somewhere else.

Jayne - It is almost like that isn't it.

Jayne said...

Ohhh, I'm sooo excited!
I got me a troll and some gutless anonymous abuser in 1 week!
I've really made it!

dam buster said...

Jayne - you should take it as a badge of honour. I have had a few posts written about me on Bolt's and Tim Blair's websites before. That is my badge.