Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cazaly Results

Well the count is in:

Cazaly Ward (3 vacancies)
Elected: KATSIS, Nick (1st elected)
Elected: MORGAN, Ben (2nd elected)
Elected: FONTANA, Vince (3rd elected)
Enrolment: 33208
Formal Votes: 22852
Informal Votes: 1580 (6.47% of the total votes)
Voter Turnout: 24432 (73.57%
of the total enrolment)
Quota: 5714

Candidate First preference votes
NOVATSIS, George 1294
PETROVIC, Steven 588
MORGAN, Ben 1852
POULTON, Trevor 584
FONTANA, Vince 2812
KATSIS, Nick 2550
EL-LEISSY, Mohammed 2732
GOGAS, George 448
McCULLOCH, Deanne 1220
SEYMOUR, Terrie 666
GOVAN, Jayne 1862
KARAM, Antoine 424
CUTRI, Joe 1370
DONOHUE, Alison 2084

Interesting to note that the Greens candidate El-Leissy was second in first preference votes (12% of formal votes) but did not quite make it. The Labor voting blocks obviously had enough preferences.


Jayne said...

Have nfi who got into our council - it's no longer local and very few activities benefit us in this area these days, unless you're a housing developer or a school.

dam buster said...

which council are you in Jayne?
The results are available on the Victorian Electroal Commission website. But of course it does not tell you who they are in relation the mountains of junk mail that was sent out.

If it was like my ward, they are likely to be labour cronies who go in as blocks to give each other preferences so that at least one of them gets in.

Anonymous said...

It's good Mohammed got a few votes; we need Greens here in Cazaly ward. It's also pleasing to see Antoine Karam - whose stupidity is incapable of being expressed in words - sink further lower in the popularity stakes.

Labor I don't like: they're too dominant. And useless too.

dam buster said...

RVB - I see one green candidate got in Rucker Ward (me thinks). I think it would have been interesting for a green to get in. At least there may have been a different slant on the council.